Legendary 3D-Printed Laser Crystal Dragon

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✅ Fully Articulated Design

✅ Stunning Aesthetic

✅ Stress Relief


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  • Material: High-quality PLA
  • Color: These dragons are crafted with a beautiful silky, glossy finish. Each dragon is created with multiple colors, so the color of the dragon is different depending on which angle you view it at.
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    - Egg Set:

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Discover the Magic of the Crystal Dragon Fidget Toy

Unleash your inner dragon and soothe your soul with our fully articulated Crystal Dragon. This isn't just a toy; it's a transformative tool for stress relief, focus enhancement, and sensory stimulation.

Promote Mindfulness

Ideal for kids with ADHD, providing a physical outlet for excess energy and promoting greater attention to tasks and mindfulness.

Therapeutic Play

Perfect for stress relief and sensory stimulation, making it ideal for anyone needing a physical outlet to reduce stress or enhance focus.

Fully Articulated Design

Each segment is flexibly connected with durable joints, allowing you to pose, twist, and turn the dragon in any direction.


What material is the Crystal Dragon made from?

The Crystal Dragon is crafted from high-quality PLA, ensuring durability and a premium feel.

What colors are available for the Crystal Dragon?

Each dragon features a beautiful silky, glossy finish with multiple colors, offering a dynamic appearance that changes based on the viewing angle.

Currently We Have 3 available colours:

- Laser Green

- Laser Purple

- Laser Red

Is the Crystal Dragon fully assembled?

Our air sofa is made from durable, tear-resistant nylon material. This material is designed to withstand outdoor use and resist punctures from sharp objects like rocks or branches.

Is the Crystal Dragon safe for children?

Yes, the Crystal Dragon is safe for children. However, it is recommended for children aged 3 and up due to small parts.

How does the articulation work?

Each segment of the Crystal Dragon is connected with flexible, durable joints, allowing you to pose, twist, and turn the dragon in various directions for endless shapes and patterns.